CoinMarketBrasil FAQ

3 min readMar 25, 2018


How I can buy bitcoins/Ethereum?

You first need to have a wallet (get one on ), after you have your wallet and saved your password, chose your purchase method and after the buy get them transferred to your wallet. (Buy our tokens on our page:

All Token Sales are scam. What can you say about it?

Of course not. There are a lot of Token Sales with a well structured project and a world-class management. That have a meaning to exist and will be used for good, because Token Sales are long-term investment, that can benefit both sides.

But, actually, some unprofessional people believe that Token Sale is just a way to make fast money, and some of them are just scammer.

Beware of them!

In what currencies you accept payments?

We accept payments with Ethereum, Bitcoin and others Token Sales.

Where can I see the progress of your Token Sale and the amount of money you already raised?

At ICOBox’s website: and at our Landing Page:

Are​​ CMBT Tokens ​​ERC-20 ​​compatible?

Yes, CMBT Tokens are based on the Ethereum platform and are ERC20-compliant.

Can I transfer token from your service?

You will be able to do so in a near future, on our own Exchange Platform, that is already working with more then 20 cryptocurrencies.

How is the legal structure of the token ownership look like?

A smart and solid company with its roots in two of the most important Brazilian towns, Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba.

Do the tokens comply with ERC20 standard? Can I transfer them to a third-party ETH wallet?

Yes they are, and you can transfer it to another ETH wallet.

Where is your office located?

Our office is located in the city of Curitiba/Paraná, one of the most advanced capitals in technology in Brazil.

How much you take for yourself?

The distribution of financial resources raised by Coinmarketbrasil is published and may be requested / verified at any time.

Access this data here:

So, what’s your Token for?

It is a Utility Token. The operation of Dapps on Business Management/Project Management based on the Blockchain Protocols. It can also be used to pay for other services, like consulting/auditing services provided by the company.

How can I make sure that tokens will be given to me? Is there a contract?

There will be a public purchase agreement soon. After the end of the Token Sale every participant will receive tokens to their ETH wallets in accordance with the purchase agreement and Ethereum-based smart-contract.

Is there a minimum amount of tokens I can buy?

Minimum amount during the tokensale is 595,23 CMBT Tokens at first stage, and 20,42 CMBT at the final stage. (This quantity may vary according to the stages of the Token Sale).

How can I withdraw my tokens?

In order to withdraw your tokens, all you need to do is provide your wallet address on our website!

Remember that you should provide an ERC20-supporting wallet address. If you do not have one, you can select a wallet from the list below:

· MyEtherWallet (no download needed);

· MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser addon);

· Mist (Desktop);

· Parity (Desktop);

· imToken (iPhone);

· imToken (Android).

Tutorials on using these wallets can easily be found on Google/YouTube.

I bought CMBT Tokens before the end of the sale. What should I keep in mind?

Having become a CMBT Token holder, don’t forget to withdraw your tokens to your ETH wallet. In order to do that, please specify your ETH wallet address in your account details. After the end of the token sale, you will still be able to view your transaction history and withdraw tokens from your account on the token sale platform.

What is Coinmarketbrasil’s tokensale hard cap?

We will not accept funds above 18 000 000 USD. (24.324.324,5 CMBT)