We speak carelessly
Because I found you in the tryst.
Amazing hurt. 
Amazing breathes. 
All in what it is - All for what it
Raw. Emotion. 
Take hands and
guide. I hear you.
I see you...
My reflection of greater purpose,
My desire to fail met by your
desire to love - to love me...
In my raw.
Into my shame
You find the framework
of my weakest -
And you want it...
Desire it to be your forgiveness
You struggle with me to struggle
in you -
I am in you. 
So we agree to crescendo
Into the depth,
The internal Flame of Raw -
Between your gold and wealth,
My waste and recluse...
Raw. Emotional hands -
Finding places -
Comfort... that thing it has always fought to be...
Forgiveness for existence. 
Apologies for completion...
Brilliance in the quake’s wake...
Sadly, I am overjoyed -
in you..
Where you find you in me
My desire to fail your conquered quest - 
Love. Is She ever more ever present...
Amazing fear. 
Amazing feel. 
And I know I am damned
for feeling
And you are dawned for 
And inside that moment my hate of
Raw is right for it reveals -
And gives. 
And gives. 
And gives. 
Making more of the Love pour 
past the open escape 
Sweat. Heat. My desert. 
Your oasis. 
Run from you -
Land peacefully into you...
Bridge my given gap
A space for you to fall
by my design -
And you survive against my
intentions - 
Stronger legs from the fall...
Revealing Hope. Raw. 
Revealing Faith. Raw. 
Revealing that this is... very...

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