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Why This Last Minute New Year’s Resolution Will Be Your Best One Yet

Photo by Yutacar on Unsplash

You’re at your New Year’s Eve party checking Medium because you feel uncomfortable. The ball is about to drop in a few hours but you’re reading my article. You like to think it is because you are a progressive individual with plans to further rise the corporate ladder this year, but the real reason is your ex is in the next room over and you’re escaping an uncomfortable situation. I am glad my article can be your escape from this uncomfortable situation. Exes are really good at popping up in inopportune times. I like to think that through this article, I can be your date to this party, even if just for a moment.

But unfortunate for you, reader of this article at your NYE party just hours before that glowing ball drops, I’m good at pushing you. You have these goals, but no actionable steps towards them. Your biggest mistake is actually setting this goal. Why? Because you did not set this goal months ago… you said it will be your 2018 goal. Well, newsflash my friend! Goals do not need to be set on December 31st. “New year, new me!!!” doesn’t work because setting a goal once a year is like working out once a year. What else do those two have in common? Those New Year’s goals are known to go hand-in-hand with new 1-year gym memberships that are effectively only used for one week.

The New Year’s Resolution is inherently flawed for this reason. Goal setting needs to be a weekly and daily habit. Just like exercising, muscle memory is the factor here. The more you do something, the easier it gets. Of course we all know this, but much less of us practice this.

Don’t get me wrong, New Year’s Resolutions are great. They contribute to fresh starts, new purposes, and a reinvigoration of our passions. So if you are at your NYE party with no tangible goals, and instead are holding wishes for success, and love, and all the other typical ‘resolutions’, it is not too late!

The be all, end all New Year’s Resolution is just a couple words. It is simple, easy to remember, and even more importantly: easy to incorporate to your life, to change it for the best!

“Live Abundantly!”

The New Year’s Resolution, “Live Abundantly!”, is all-encompassing. When you set your 2018 to a year of abundant living, you are vowing to yourself your best year yet with health, wealth, and happiness. The beauty of this statement is its simplicity lending itself to be easily incorporated into your daily grind.

So, at your NYE party while you read this article just mere hours before we ring in the new year, you now have a ‘New Year’s Resolution’ that will be your best one yet! Where these resolutions fall is in their practice — and a statement as simple as this will be harder to remove from the back of your mind, than to forget and stop practicing like New Year’s Resolutions of your yesteryear. Happy New Year; here’s to Living Abundantly!