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Articles like this piss me off to no end. Sure, I understand the danger of prescribing drugs to children. Heck, making kids sit quietly in a classroom all day is a ridiculous notion — better than prescribing them ADHD meds, let them run around outside, instead, and give them one-on-one tutors to ensure maximized, personalized learning. But short of paying for that kind of public service, I doubt we’ll clearly identify who’s really suffering from ADD or ADHD in childhood.

However, kids aren’t the only ones dealing with the disorder. Adults benefit from the medication, too — perhaps even more so than kids.

I wasn’t diagnosed with ADD until my 40s, and taking Adderall has made all the difference in my health and happiness. Before medical treatment, I’d struggle with trying to track, say, a dozen or more trains of thought running simultaneously through my mind… but, after starting on the meds, it’s down to just a few threads of attention — or even just one, when I’m really involved. NIGHT AND DAY. (I take the bare minimum that’s medically effective to avoid developing physical addiction, and to easily clear my system over, say, a frustrating weekend of not taking any meds.)

The appetite-suppressant side-effect is real: I need to watch the clock to know when it’s time to eat, but when I think about eating, I realize I’m hungry. With kids, that’s probably more of a challenge, so they probably need a reminder to help them remember when it’s time to eat… but do you know any kid who doesn’t have a smartphone close at hand? There’s apps for that. Better needing to remember when to eat than to go through life with the kind of serious disabilities that come with ADD or ADHD.

Do the ableist a-holes who self-righteously decry “addiction” to ADHD medication say the same thing about heart meds for those in danger of heart attack? Insulin for diabetics? Hearing aids for those who need them?

If you can’t do the research, writer (that is, interview those most affected by the topic), talk about something you know or STFU.

Okay, I guess I have some feelings about this. /rant

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