Devil’s Advocate? Here’s what Trump meant on the Civil War…

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Look, I know people are angry about Trump’s take on Andrew Jackson and the Civil War, but can I play devil’s advocate here? Can I explain what Trump was trying to say?

Trump is a vicious white supremacist, with zero qualifications for the office he has hijacked, who hates people of color and any aspect of reality that contradicts him, and surely, his lack of intelligence and experience and maturity will lead to enormous setbacks, if not substantial destruction, for our society.

Oh, wait… shit… I did that wrong.

Charles Clymer is an Army Veteran and writer based out of Washington, D.C., where they live with their two precocious cats. They proudly identify as genderqueer or gender-nonconforming and prefer the pronouns they/them. They have been published in several places and quoted by Time, Newsweek, BBC World Service, The Guardian, and numerous other publications. You can follow them on Twitter here and on Facebook here.