The Time to Speak Against Trump is Now

(Source: New York Magazine)

Despite my strong political opinions, I generally don’t like ultimatums about politics. I realize folks have differing views. Many of my conservative friends supported Romney in 2012, and I respected their right to that viewpoint, even if I strongly disagreed with it.

This election is something else entirely. Trump is a dangerous megalomaniac. I don’t know if he’s sincere in his rhetoric or cynically exploiting hatred, but regardless, his campaign is built on blatant and violent racism, misogyny, homophobia, and a host of other bigotries.

I initially didn’t take him seriously. I thought this was an elaborate publicity stunt but in light of the events of the past few weeks, I can no longer pretend his candidacy is a benign circus of stupidity.

His rhetoric continues to become dangerous and hateful. His supporters are violent, unabashed racists. The tactics of the Trump campaign, overall, speak to the very worst in our society.


Please don’t make the mistake of informing me you support him. It is simply not something I will tolerate.

And if you’re supporting Trump as some edgy way of railing against “politics as usual”, a desperate measure to shake up the “gridlock” of American politics, I would have to intensely question your intelligence and/or understanding of our political system.

I would have to question your knowledge of history.

It took seven years for Hitler to get released from prison as a washed-up former army corporal to become Chancellor of Germany. He used a very simple playbook: exploit the fears and resentments of working class Germans and give them someone to blame. Organize that dissension with violent rhetoric. Transfer that into violent takeover.


Imagine what someone with Trump’s already-sizable platform can do. How many of us dismissed him as a joke when he started this?

Many of you are familiar with Godwin’s Law, which mocks the tendency of online discussions to devolve into someone being called a Nazi or Hitler. I can understand the weariness of such comparisons.

But this is not one of those times. There is a startling parallel between Hitler’s initial rise in German politics and Trump’s current campaign for president.


Regardless of your political background, we shouldn’t take any chances with that. We need to speak to the people in our lives and directly question their reasoning for supporting Trump. We need to point out the many facets of his hatred for other human beings and press them on his violent words.

Don’t be the person who ignores this and chalks it up to a simple disagreement in politics. Use your brain.

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