Guns — a right or a blight?
Ian Turner

I would be interested to know where you read that statistic.

Although the numbers are a little dated, I previously did some research of my own a few years ago.

There are an estimated 80+ million gun owners in the U.S., over 99% of them are law abiding citizens. 80+ million gun owners, and an estimated 300+ million guns. In relation to those numbers, the number of gun violence in the US is relatively small. We hear about the bad things done with guns because that’s how the media is designed…to report bad things. According to the U.N. figures, the U.S. had 9,146 homicides by firearm in 2009. Even if that number is extremely exaggerated over the course of 3 years and say there were 19,146 homicides by firearms in 2012, that’s still %.00006 of the guns in the US used for homicide/violent crimes.

While my figures are dated, gun crime hasn’t risen enough in the past several years to make a major impact on the end result, which is, there is a small subset of gun crime in comparison to the number of guns and gun owners in the U.S. As a matter of fact, gun related incidents have gone down.

Washington Post article Dec. 2015
“ Owning and using guns is NOT a fundamental human right. Living a long, happy and productive life IS and one that is taken away all too often by gun crime in the US.”

I disagree. A gun is a tool. It cannot inflict harm on any individual without outside influence. It is no more dangerous than a hammer or a pen, until it falls into the hands of someone who uses it for malice or with negligence. Human life is taken with other types of weapons (weapons can range from knives, baseball bats, metal pipes, etc.), as well as arson, automobile accidents , drug overdoses, or falling from a cliff while taking a selfie to name a few. There are far more automobile deaths that gun deaths.

I read an article just tonight where an intruder was shot and killed attempting an in-home invasion. Turns out, the intruder was positively linked to a murder just down the road from the house he was trying to burglarize. The intruder murdered someone not 3 hours prior to his own death. If he chose his victims in reverse order that night, he may have been the only victim. Guns DO protect people. These stories aren’t flashed around the news nearly as much as negligent gun use, but they do happen.

Now, I’m not one of those gun nuts who screams that I have to have a gun to protect myself, but I am a person who likes and respects guns. I enjoy shooting targets. I enjoy hunting. I have no problems with having a gun in my home nor do I have a problem with others owning guns. I don’t HAVE to have a gun to protect myself, although given a choice, I would choose a gun everytime.

Guns and gun ownership aren’t the problem. Criminals, mental disorders, and improper gun handling are the problem. Can something be done to fix it? To a point, yes. Some changes can be made in the process for gun ownership. More funding and better mental health care for those who need it. More gun safety and handling courses for those interested in owning a gun. There are things that can be done, but implementing these changes isn’t easy or cheap.

WE may cling to 220 year old words, but those are the exact same words that give us the freedom of speech and religion, the right to due process, the right to not accuse ourselves, it keeps the police in check with search warrants, the right to speedy trials, etc. If people start justifying reasons to do away with the 2nd Amendment, how long until all of the other Rights are brought into question? How long before police are permitted to enter any home at any time for no reason because it’s for “the safety of the people”? How long before writing an article speaking out against the policies of our government is a punishable offense? I’m not saying all of these things WILL happen if the 2nd Amendment is removed from the Bill of Rights, but it does open the door.

I am not a member of the NRA. Never have been, don’t really plan to be. I hate watching YouTube videos of people looking to get stopped by a cop so they can film themselves reciting the 2nd Amendment because they want to open carry or walk down mainstreet with an AR-15. I think people who car AK-47s into Chick-Fil-A “because they can” are complete and utter morons and do more to hurt responsible gun ownership than help it. I do have a conceal and carry license, although I don’t carry all the time. I say all of that to make the point that I’m not some gun loving NRA nut who says you have my gun when you pry it from my cold dead hands. I’m just a guy who happens to think guns are a tool. I happen to think throwing lead downrange is fun. Hunting provides good food at low cost. I also happen to think that having a gun from time to time, in certain situations, evens the odds a bit…if a person wants to take some time to learn proper gun handling and proper self defense, which I have.

80+ million gun owners, and 300+ million guns. I’m positive those numbers have grown over the last few years. With these kinds of numbers, and the way the anti-gun reports say that guns are the problem, wouldn’t you think that the death toll would be much higher? I’m not saying it’s perfect…or even good for that matter…I’m just saying that there are millions upon million of responsible gun owners who never killed anyone, who enjoy shooting, who enjoy collecting, who enjoy hunting, and who will pay the price for what happens the other %.00006 of the time.

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