My Shady Life as an Underage Drinker
Nick Tucker

It might be that the legal drinking age is 21 because at 18 you still have thoughts like, “ So, no, I will not put up with it. I will get another fake. I will persist. I will live a normal life, no matter what the legislators 30 years ago said. No man can take my adulthood from me.”

I’m well over 21 and I don’t need, have no desire, nor care if I have alcohol in my life or not. It doesn’t make me more or less of an adult. It’s entirely a non-issue, and always has been. Drinking does not make me an adult. Providing for myself and my family does. Raising my son to be a useful member of society does. Paying my bills and staying out of jail does. Being a decent human being does. At no point does drinking alcohol make anyone an adult. Drinking doesn’t make you an adult, being responsible does. Responsibility and time. Also, not posting about your illegal activities online is kind of an adultish thing.

The fact that you are so out-raged and hell-bent on getting another illegal license just so you can buy more alcohol tends to lead people to believe that your are, in fact, not adult enough to drink alcohol.