“Your ‘($1245)… apartment that’s 40 miles away from work because it was the cheapest place I could…
John Worthington

What’s entitled is a multi-millionaire CEO expecting the people who generate his company’s profits to work at slave wages.”

So the CEO who got an education, took chances, worked to get where is in life is now responsible to correct the lack of budgeting skills his employees may or may not have?

Talia took a job knowing full well what her wages were going to be. She racked brand new debt in order to move to an expensive city and take that low paying, entry level job. She signed a $1245 a month lease knowing she was going to bring in no more that about $1400 a month after taxes.

Please explain to how Talia’s choices are now somehow the CEO’s fault and his responsibility to fix? Sure, his company can pay more, but it’s an entry level position, which by definition, is designed to be a starting place for someone. Entry level positions pay minimum wage. It was no surprise. There was no bait and switch.

What is truly entitled is the mentality that someone who makes millions is required to fix the problems of those who can’t plan and adhere to the simple fact that you budget your expenses to be less than your income.

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