Casey Neistat Threw Himself Into the Political Dumpster in Support of Presidential Candidate

Casey Neistat lit a political firestorm on his wildly popular YouTube channel. He came out in support of Hilary Clinton, while challenging others in his entertainment arena to do the same. In registering his support he laid out a list of reasons that Donald Trump disgusted him and why Clinton impressed him.

In true American fashion the comment section was aflame in mostly childish rhetorical written warfare. Mostly from what I could tell his choice wasn’t a popular one. Threats of unsubscribing were held aloft and the typical name calling ensued.

Neistat has 5 million channel subscribers. Despite the best efforts of those that unsubscribed that number still increased last night at its typical clip. I’ve never seen his channel register so many dislikes for a video but that would be the nature of his political admission.

This election is incredibly divisive. Neistat politicizing his vlog probably didn’t help.

The reality is that of those 5 million subscribers probably less than half will or can vote. I can’t say for certain about the demographics but vlogging really appeals to the 10–17 year-old mindset. Plus you would have to account for his probably reasonable sized foreign audience.

The remaining 50% is probably split somewhere down the middle between Trump and Clinton. Despite his charm and personality there is virtually no way he is going to change those people’s minds either way in this election sewer.

Maybe Neistat influences a few thousand. But what is almost certain is that he alienated tens of thousands of people. I would argue for no reason. Of course he would suggest otherwise, that it’s important for people in his esteemed position to encourage the audience to participate in the procedure for electing government officials. If he can influence them in his way of thinking, well that’s just a bonus.

Neistat’s vote is irrelevant. He lives in New York. There is no way that state’s electoral votes would go to anybody but a Democrat. So obviously he wanted to stretch his ego to influence voters in other areas and engage in clickbait frenzy for his Channel.

I saw the word “brave” many times in the comments. I’m not sure how brave it is to follow the collective. The media, big business, New Yorkers, are all entities within a liberal collective that he engages with for his livelihood. They are rabid Liberal supporters. He already professed to support Obama in previous videos. It’s somewhat odd that people would find outrage that his devotion would lie with Clinton.

I don’t respect a support of Clinton OR Trump. I totally understand the desire to vote against one or the other. It is two totally different mindsets. But a full-throated support of one of these is not to be commended.

Fact is, I totally agreed with everything that he said in the video about Trump. I couldn’t disagree more with his assessment of Clinton. It’s like he never bothered to get his rhetoric from anything other than Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Slate and the NYT.

What disappoints me ultimately is that Neistat and his YouTube entourage is on the wrong side of freedom. To support the big government apparatus indicates to me that you approve of the status quo.

I would argue that if you are in support of candidates and parties that are so intent on strangling freedoms then you are grossly ill-informed at what is going on in the country. Clinton will follow Obama who followed Bush in destroying American liberty.

I have never heard Clinton or Trump utter a single word of freedom or liberty in their campaigns. But I sure have heard a ton of new regulations, rules, taxes and laws they want to implement.

“I’m voting for Hilary Clinton” is a confirmation that you are a supporter of big government, more regulations and less freedom. This is hard to understand from a YouTube community that seemingly revels in the freedoms they film.

Neistat is simply conforming to the collective norms of media and New York liberals. If you really want to be counter-culture ignore his political ramblings in support of Clinton, ignore Trump supporters and rediscover freedom and liberty. Big government is not working folks.

Remember: Good ideas don’t require force and politics as it exists today is backed by violence.

Starve the beast of your support. Instead of speaking up for one of these awful candidates speak out against the system. That is what I would have expected from someone like a Neistat.