F*ck You Billabong. Seriously, f*ck you.
Karen Knowlton

Hi Karen, hi world,

I guess, I got Your point. It was not hard to understand.

But, what is their point?

From my perception, Billabong is more of a fashion company rather than outfitter like … let’s say Patagonia.

So, what is their target audience?
And how do they want to address them?
Cannot say by all these pictures provided, before and after intervention.

I feel not addressed at all. Neither on men’s side (left) nor attracted from women’s (or girls?) section.

Yes, there are shredding ladies out there on the waves. What do they wear?
I cannot say. It is not important to me. I watch their moves, not their clothes.

But, maybe I am the exception to some rule, I just did not understand.
Or I am just to old for that faky shit.
I prefer the real.

Thx for sharing.

Ride on!

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