Why Everyone Missed the Most Mind-Blowing Feature of Cryptocurrency
Daniel Jeffries

the essential core pattern behind “Generation and Corruption” — not limited to ancient “Elements”

Many thx, Dan.

btw. I guess, You are quite near to the essence, but not finally there.
First, currencies are not “printed”, they are issued.

And, accepting something — even merit — as a currency is a contract between parties. The more people joining and stay in the contract, the more powerful the specific currency gets by network effects.

The power of money evolves from the fact, ‘everyone’ is using it.

The real power of money is its ability to abstract and convert.
- abstraction from space and time (forward direction)
- conversion from matter to material letting energy flow from one to another

Limiting money to some power structures is the protected beginning (stage 2) needed to let impulses of ideas (stage 1) evolve and grow (stage 3). 
In stage 4 limits of growth are witnessed and participants begin to concentrate on the very essence to realize in stage 5 it is just one of many ideas which express life in its diversity of equals.

The “immortality hack” is giving away (“publish”, “release”, “unleash”) any idea to inspire, let it grow and getting expressed by uncountable other instances of life — aka as “human beings”.

And, we do not need first examples to be realized. 
We already have lots of them.

Take these as examples:

  • language
  • (martial) arts
  • codes like letters and pictograms

“Money” is just another tool to transform and transport an idea from one into another.