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Alexander Gerber
Sep 9, 2017 · 7 min read

It is said, members of “Generation Y” are hard to integrate into already existing organizations.
They are just not seeing any sense in working the well established way.

Additionally, it is reported that some Businesses face the challenge of a “Quit Economy”.
What happens between agreement and quitting?

Is there any chance to survive for established structures and running Businesses?

/terms and conditions

I am Jurist from education.
That education, my way of life, guidelined from parents, family, friends, colleagues and all interactions and experiences from these, made me believe that a crisp and clear understanding is the foundation to any success striving towards.

Understanding starts with the concrete situation framed by words that let You imagine what You face, where it originated from and where it might head and lead to.
So, let me start with some words about terms and their contextual conditions.


By definition, sense is what is understood by reason. Most people understand reason from first glance as the relationship between cause and result.
That’s where problems start.


Reason is a imagined relationship between cause and effect.

Why imagined?
Very often it is simply not possible to eliminate exactly one cause and say

“look, if it’s absent, result will fail to occur — if it is present, result will occur.”

Very often, what You witness is not cause or result but simply co-incidence of several effects.

Some companies witnessed others that are successful from their perception, having devices like a table football in their social areas.
So they install things like the table football or bean bags and offer free lunch and sweets (all You can eat).

And then, they experience, they are not the next Microsoft, Google or Facebook.
They are just a bunch of unproductive hangarounds with tendency to diabetis.

This will left them behind wondering.
That’s where solutions begin.

/end of the single cause

Not every result is caused by exactly one instance. Very often, You (in error) belief in a mono-causal relationship between action and result.

This is mostly caused by the scientific approach which is called “ceteris paribus”. Whether You are aware and understood or not, Your world is mainly proceeding in such manner.

It derives from the tremendous successes, we all benefit from, originating in the Age of Enlightment were gains in knowledge and reasoning met achievements in industrialization and later the approach of Scientific Management (F.W. Taylor).

This is what You got tought in school, this is what Your parents and their parents got tought in school and this is what worked great until now — where we face the consequences of single and local optimization.

Some of this consequences are

  • crashes of our financial and other economic systems
  • over-pollution of the environment
  • ressources running out
  • and the absence of a common sense how to proceed further.

Single optimization to the maximum lead the world into a dead-end.

optimum is reached, when every more generates less.

“Generation Y” (or as they are also called “Millenials”) feel that, but they are rarely able to express, because there is nobody who is suiting and acting as an archetype in their environment.
Nobody at their reach impresses by having experienced alternatives and therefore is able to offer another option.

The generations grown up from the 60’s had musicians, their lyrics and their exposed lifestyle as an image for orientation. But, who likes to end up like Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Sid Vicious or Kurt Cobain?

You also do not want to end as John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King or Andy Warhol.

It is easy not identifying with people like them, because they do not lead a “real life”.
I am pretty sure, life was real for them, but of significant difference to all other lifes around.

It is getting better.
A reasonable amount of people from the younger generations refuse to fly on auto-pilot (“more of the same”) towards a destination that got lost and forgotten somewhere within the last 100 years.

Today, we face a world of more and more complexity which is often just a combination of

  • incidents and their motives
  • deviations in understanding and targeting
  • and of lacking maturity caused by the absence of variation in experience.

/there is no “one thing”, anymore

What makes things difficult is the sheer absence of knowledge.
You cannot learn from experience and role models — which ends You up in guessing.

As my friend Willy said, recently

People think too much and ask too few.
— Dr. Willi Brendle

You need to find out. And this takes time, patience and reflection.

Sorry, guys, that’s the way it is.
And it is the hard way.

Good news:

You will get into action when Your life is really in danger.
That’s by nature — to safe the species.
Otherwise it’s OK also — that is called evolution.

Until then, You can go on ignoring and trusting into the auto-pilot and that “he” will know where to head to. Remember Malaysia Airlines, flight 370?

Seen WALL-E?

Or, You will change by doing different. It’s up to You.

/Are You alone — or just feeling alone?

You experienced some glitches in the Matrix?
You doubt heading towards a destination is not enough to reason happiness?

  • What, if You are not alone?
  • What, if there are already people who do different?
  • What, if You decide to do different?

/who is the insane here?

The scientific approach to life lifted us from the darkness of the Middle Ages into the bright life built from Industrialization.

But, is it so bright as so many people imagine? Aren’t there shadows like toxination, pollution and burn out syndrom?

What, if we dam(n) all this behind the curtains of FB, instagram, TV commercials and all other distortions of “civilization”?

What does Albert Einstein said about the insane?

… is someone who does the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

Maybe he was stuck in his reality as he once said this.
Or context was just cut away and forgotten over the years.
Challenge today from the fact that You cannot do anything exactly the same in life.

Complexity is constantly interfering the so desperately stabilized conditions of the lab we call our “real life”.


The Insane of today is doing it all over and over again and expecting same results.

Therefore, it is really hard to determine what matters in this ever-changing world.

/what makes the difference?

In the beginning, You have three options

Do not worry about the how and the what. You will find it along Your way.

MEaning will seperate the willing from the others

You will be guided and supported by people, who will have a reason to support.
Do not worry about the others. Be aware of them and move around and ahead.

But, why should someone support just me?
This might be the happiness they feel in being generous.

It might be a shared vision of peace and happiness they also strive to.

You just need to make Your vision visible to give others the chance to resonate.

Be careful about people offering You a shortcut in exchange to money.
Fraud is coming up to You.

But, You can utilize thoughts and inspiration offered and derived from other people’s experiences. You can invest some money to have it direct and to the point. That’s the value You may find worth to spend some money on.
This is how economics work. You exchange something into something other via triangulation over currency.

Every currency — dollars, €uros, bitcoins, reach and likes.

But, in the end, nobody except Yourself can build the life You want to live.
So, You need to be patient and also persistent in heading towards Your visionary self.


Start — before You are ready!

Perfection will be in the end, not at the beginning.

/how to build Your visionary self?

  • Inspect babys making their first steps.
  • Inspect children learning to ride a bicycle.
  • Inspect people learning to swim.
    Remember how it was as You learned all this.
  • Reflect about why You did all that.
    Because, someone else decided it will be “good” for You?
  • Adapt whatever is suiting to the life You face today to transform it into the life You want to face some day.

You will recognize Your destination in life by there is only

joy, peace, love and happiness all around You.

And if You experience all or parts of it, rest for the moment, be grateful and remember

this too will past.

Because of the constant change in life all around You.


You get access to whatever I estimate being worth to share on my twitter-channel.

Wanna make life a serious party?
I installed a handrail from the dungeons of Your tailoristic envrionment up the the ballroom at the Bel Etage.

Feel Yourself invited to a life that makes more sense to You. Feel free to apply the up2U-protocol to the reality of Your life.

This way, please.


May all Your needs vanish into reality.
Live long and prosper.


Life runs in circles. Some are smaller, some are bigger.
In the end, there is no end — only another beginning.

Enjoy, and share what You like. Feel free to make life great by doing so!

/invitation to resonante

I would like to ask You for three quick actions, with small effort on Your side and great benefit for all
— You, future readers and me for understanding and improving what matters most.

  • A “Like” is a nice signal of acknowledgement.
    You can applaude by clicking the clapping hands. You can intense by clicking even more. Or just keep clapping as long as You like.
  • Feel free to forward this post to somebody who might gain benefit from it.
    You will find some tools for easy sharing below to this article.
  • Additionally, interaction is necessary to do great.
    Please, share Your thoughts by commenting (below) or contacting directly.
    Remember, a topic gets shape by questions AND constructive disagreement.
Alexander Gerber

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