Bulletproof Confidence: The Secrets of a Professional Poker Player
Zat Rana

Thank You very much for this post, Zat!

As You worked out, succes in Poker has a lot more influencing aspects than “luck”.
But, in the end, possibilities are limited by the card deck and Your stake at the current game.
That’s the difference to LIFE. It is less limited than games we play. Very often it is complex.
We don’t like complexity that much. Complicacy is far enough for most of us.

Your spotlight on behavioral economy and our basic determination by ancient heritage gives the right direction to overcome sub-consciousness to rational action.

I personally very often work in project environments where we always face a certain amount of uncertainty. 
Success and Failure is determined by the ability of participants to walk out of their comfort zone to achieve fruits of opportunity. 
By definition everyone must do — in practice some are reluctant in doing so. You stated why.

I coded a sequence to help them and everybody else, getting a handle to these situations.
It’s a handrail into Uncertainty.

You are heartly invited to take a chance on what I called the “up2U-protocol”.

I requested the Intelligence Matrix. 
The Link to the “Kurzgesagt”-Youtube-Channel attracted me, because I am German.
Life runs in circles …

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