What’s their WHY?

Do You change the world?
Did You ever wonder, why this could be happen?
Do You think before You act — even sometimes?

Are You sometimes feel lost in possibilities?
Are You sometimes scared of consequences You can imagine?

Welcome to the world of COMPLEXITY!

Organizational Growth


I suppose

“Get directions from understanding purpose”

about how to position within an complex environment.


The thesis results from the attempt to describe how organizations emerge and arise. 
The goal is to provide understanding for people, facing each other, how to act for building up community and what actions will impede or even prevent.

You might got notice of Simon Sinek’s “Start with WHY?”.
Simon claims to codify a communication pattern for success. 
The successful communication starts with “WHY” as a centre of what he called “The Golden Circle”.

I thought a little about this “WHY”. I made a table where I forced myself to express by one word, what a perceived successful company aims whith their “WHY”.

This goal is what You understand as WHAT these companies are good for — You or anybody else.

What are they good for?

At this point in time, it is my personal perception of these companies.


Very, very, very few communicate their vision. Mostly it is, because it is so hard to tell. A great vision is something which does not yet exist. 
It is a future state of the world.

A great vision is trivial. 
It is the end of all thrieve, where no need to change exist anymore. 
It is ideal.

And if it is really innovative, You have almost no words and images to relate to. 
That makes it so hard to tell.

Others have a vision, but do not want to bother the world with it (see above “trivial”).

/the dream

When it comes to asking for help, You can request in patterns of well-defined services — “one Cheeseburger, please.”

Or You need company in realizing a future world — “I have a Dream …”

My dream is a world where people are able to concentrate on what is important to them, personally.

It is a world where people can accept the diversity of equals.
It is a world where it will be accepted that some will join and others won’t.
It is a world where those who need theirself will identify themself easy.
It is a world where different people harmonize in generating impact.

It is a world of the clear true self.

/the approach

I noted down what came in mind when I thought about a company, brand or even branch. 
Then I reflected

“What is the most reduced, most general word to associate with?”

This word I took as manifestation of the “why”.

evolution of WHY

I found this word by asking, what can You do with a product of this company?
What is the state You are in, when You use it?
What is the result, You gain from it?
These are the expectations when You buy their product or use their services.

And Yes, their WHAT needs to correspond with Your personal “why” that is represented in a particular demand.

/overcoming limitations

One person has a limited view by nature. 
So, I ask You to provide feedback.

Do You agree with my perception?
Do You perceive named organizations by a different word?
Do You think of others which You can describe by exactly one word? 
Which are these companies and which word is it?


The inspiring TED talk of Simon can be found here:

Ben Sands made a point. From my perception, Ben’s point missed target.
That’s one reason why I am doing this post. 
Getting positions to understand better.


Life runs in circles. Some are smaller, some are bigger. 
In the end, there is no end — only another beginning.

Enjoy, and share what You like. Feel free to make life great by doing so!

/request for resonance

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