Take Back Your Day
Darshan Desai

Hey Darshan,

I’ve tried EVERYTHING (I still use wunderlist), tried flow, iDoneThis, todoist etc etc etc this is the first I’ve used that’s actually useful.

I really hope you succeed. I actually like that it DOESN’T clog this with email and that it stays focused on todos + calendar (scheduling). Although I think what Micah below said is sort of interesting (although complex).

I know for us (I work at an agency), outlook is a sort of must have in order to use it for teams and clients but I assume that’s in the works (and is where you’ll get $). It seems like many people have mentioned this so I won’t belabor it.

I do see in outlook that you can publish a link (essentially grab the http url) — but doesn’t seem to work. I end up exporting and importing my .ics file from outlook into gmail which then updates plan (as a work around — might be good to let people know. It’s not permanent but can be done).

Anyway keep it up — I’ve already got a couple creatives on it (and it’s hard to get them to use these type of things).

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