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Working at an agency is an experience like none other, and while we absolutely love it, we recognize that it’s unique and not everyone is cut out for it. And not every agency is the same! But when people ask me what I love about working at an agency, there are a few things that immediately come to mind, but chief among them is Variety.

Clients engage us for a variety of different reasons such as code audits, mentoring and coaching, greenfield projects, and team augmentation, to name a few. We also get to work on a wide variety of…

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We all know the saying “Hindsight is 20/20”, which is the ability to evaluate past choices more clearly than at the time of the choice we made. After many years in tech, I find myself evaluating how I landed where I am today and wanting to share some of the things I’ve learned along this path. It’s a bit like Choose Your Own Adventure; for those not catching the reference, this was an amazing book series in my childhood. In these books, you would read a few pages and have to make a critical decision about where to go next…

Railroad Tracks

A s a developer there are many roles we can take on through a project and through our careers. First and foremost it would appear that our job is to write code and do as we are asked to deliver a product, or solve a problem. Do not underestimate how valuable your experiences as a developer are, and how you can use them to influence the solutions you deliver. Don’t settle into that comfort zone, find how to add even more value.

Recently in a retrospective with a client, our project stakeholder made a statement to his peer that they…

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We all are in unprecedented times right now. COVID-19 has people in situations that they have never found themselves before. Workers that never imagined they would be working from home, are working from home while trying to navigate a whole new world.

In times like these, we see the helpers emerge. Whether that is the healthcare workers that are going to extreme measures for their patients or the car manufacturers that are shifting their facilities to make masks or ventilators, or the individuals in places like my very own home town that are serving lunches to children that…

Make a splash! 📸 Jenn Robison

In June 2019, at WWDC 19, Apple announced that as of April 2020 it would be a requirement to use Xcode’s storyboard to create your splash screen. This was a surprise to me when I saw a tweet from our very own Chris Ball, this past month. As a React Native developer, I have been using react-native-splash-screen for the past couple of years; which relies on .xib files.

At first, I was a little concerned, just one more thing to add to my to-do list, yet a very important one that could keep us from launching our React Native application…

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Have you seen the call to action in the Google Play Console? The one that lets you know that you should be using the bundle (.aab) format, instead of the APK. Are you familiar with the Hermes Engine for Android that came out with the release of React Native 0.61? I will share some tips on how to get both of these things working in your React Native project to help optimize your Android builds.

Recently I got this message with a note stating I could reduce the file size by an estimated 60.1% …

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I recently wrote a blog, Clear the Clutter with Fragments, with that my co-worker Anne had a clever idea to find ways to Marie Kondo your code! For those not familiar with this concept, it’s about removing what does not spark joy in your life. From

Our goal is to help more people live a life that sparks joy, and we are committed to offering the simplest, most effective tools and services to help you get there.

Obviously we can’t remove all things in our code that does not bring us joy, but what about putting things in, that…

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I have been developing ReactNative applications for about two years, and until just recently I had no knowledge of fragments. I found myself doing a peer review with some empty element tags and I thought it might be a mistake. I took to Google and quickly found an article from announcing fragment support in v16.2.0. I was so excited! In my early days of ReactNative development, I found myself frustrated that I would have to wrap sets of elements in a <View> just to satisfy the JSX expression.

This is a game-changer for me! It reduces the complexity and…

Jenn Robison

Software Engineer, Emergency Medical Technician, Mom, Wife, lover of learning.

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