Apple’s Advertisement

Apple has always been great at catching people’s attention. Whether it’s with their new devices or a new operating system, Apple has always been able to keep customers on their toes. In addition to these new products, Apple has done a great job at advertising in an eye catching way. This particular eye catching commercial is about the new iPhone 7. It shows a young man go out riding on his skateboard to all different locations and capturing it all in pictures on his new iPhone. This commercial shows all of the different aspects of the world that the iPhone can capture with its new features. This new iPhone commercial captures the attention of the viewers by using the need to escape, the need for autonomy, and the need for aesthetic sensations. This ad is a standard ad that uses arrangement and color in order to keep the audience in attention to the commercial.

To start out, the main emotional appeal that is used is in this commercial is need to escape. The whole plot line of the commercial is about this boy who is taking mini adventures by himself in the middle of the night in order to capture all of the beauties that the night brings. He is escaping his usual night of sleeping in order to take pictures of the world with his iPhone. Using the escape as part of the commercial shows the viewers all that they are missing while they are asleep at night. The commercial helps relate the new iPhone to all of the late night adventures that you could have. In addition, the commercial uses the need for autonomy. This is represented as the boy feels the independence of going out alone in order to get the good pictures that nature and the iPhone has to offer. Specifically using the need for autonomy shows the power of the connection between the iPhone and the phone owner. This emotional appeal shows how throughout all of the independence and escape that comes about, you have the iPhone to record all that is going on so that you can remember it in the future. The third emotional appeal that is demonstrated in this Apple commercial is the need for aesthetic situations. Throughout all of the adventures that the boy is taking, you can truly see all of the beautiful aspects of nature. In this commercial, the close up of a deer is shown as well as overview of a lit up city. This is the truly eye catching part of the commercial. It makes the viewers in awe and persuades them to want to buy Apple’s new product. Along with emotional appeals is the way that the commercial is made in order for it to be perceived in the best way. This commercial uses the nighttime lighting in order to enhance the views that the boy is capturing throughout his adventures. It also arranges the different views that are being seen so that the best one, the overview of the city, is saved for last. This gives the viewers the best impression of the product right before the commercial ends. It helps completely wow the people so that they are more likely to purchase the new iPhone.

In addition to being captivating, the new Apple commercial does a great job at targeting middle class people. This is first shown in the beginning of the story line. The boy is seen exiting his average sized home on his skateboard. He initially rides through his neighborhood past other houses that are about the same size as his. By showing these images, the middle class people see what their life could be like. They could put themselves in the shoes of the boy that is featured on the commercial because he comes from a place that is just like them. Apple targets the middle class people for a reason. They do this so that these people can see how much the iPhone can specifically do for them. They want to show the people how their product can bring them these adventures in their own hometown. In addition, Apple targets these people because they are the most common type of people to buy their product. As smartphones are becoming more widely used, more and more people are looking to buy one. So, by Apple targeting the middle class, they are trying to demonstrate all the good things that Apple has to offer and how they should buy their product because it brings unique opportunities as well as a good phone.

All in all, this commercial does more than just advertise the new iPhone 7. It shows everyone all that the world has to offer and to live in the moment.

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