THE CLEVOLUTION’s LOGOS is a Blockchain Virtual Reality for Disruptive Creatives

Cleve Mesidor
4 min readApr 21, 2018

As a startup founder leveraging blockchain technology, the question I dread most is what is THE CLEVOLUTION?

My answer is simple. I am curating an ethereum enabled user experience and interface for disruptive creatives focused on the evolution of our shared humanity and revolution of our quest for equity and justice.

Depending on who I’m speaking with, what follows is crickets.

So I tell them about the podcast I’ve launched to engage disruptive creatives.

Years ago, I read a story that mentioned Fidel Castro had a blog where he was commenting on current movements.

It made me wonder what he, and Dolores Huerta, the Dali Lama, Nelson and Winnie Mandela thought about today’s agitators.

So, I launched THE CLEVOLUTION podcast to tell the stories of the disrupters who dare to dream a better world.

They are not just angry about societal problems.

Their passion and purpose is to develop and advance solutions.

Einstein remarked that creativity is intelligence having fun. These social justice advocates and polarizing figures use their mics, canvas, beats, words, codes like swords, slaying Goliaths in their path.

This is not just an intellectual exercise for me.

For as long as I can remember, there has been a revolutionary inside of me railing against injustice.

I used to wish I lived during the Black Power movement, at the height of the Black Panther revolution.

Well, because of today’s unconventional activists, I’m getting my chance.

Through the podcast, I chronicle the evolution and revolution of modern day superheroes across diverse movements — Indigenous, AAPI, LatinX, Black, geopolitical, economic, tech.

I have coined the term ‘Lit Revs’ to try to encapsulate this new breed of change agents.

What makes someone a revolutionary?

Angela Davis once characterized them as individuals who set out to “change the nature of society in a way to promote a world where the needs and interest of the people are responded to.”

I actually have a theory of my own that goes even further.

I believe 85% of the world strives to make it through life peacefully and not rock the boat.

My fascination, however, is with the remaining 15% — the women and men who create the wars, negotiate the peace, and spark the revolutions.

I breakdown that 15% group into three distinct categories.

5% of them are the unmovable purists on the left.

The 5% in the middle are pragmatic innovators.

The remaining 5% on the right are unapologetic, by any means necessary, rebels.

Let me illustrate this using the apartheid movement.

On the left was the ANC — the African National Congress. They refused to negotiate, collaborate, or cooperate with their oppressors.

On the right was Winnie. Her position was to blow it all up.

And in the middle was Nelson Mandela — the pragmatic innovator who sought to reconcile the goals of Winnie and the ANC and compromise, sitting down at the table with the enemy to find common ground.

Essentially, the 15% walk that fine line between positive and negative. It is the 85% who suffer the good and bad consequences of their battles, contradictions, and struggles for justice.

I see myself as a part of the 15%.

I am building LOGOS, a blockchain ecosystem exclusively for the 15%, where they can dialogue, debate, disagree and also defend, defy, dispute.

Currently, no such platform exists for these disruptive creatives. So they navigate around the cat video lovers and seniors looking for pictures of grandchildren, who unfortunately often get caught in their crossfire.

This happened to me on Facebook recently. I was on a rant and went in on an old friend who challenged my position. He was offended by my brazen response and noted that he “expected better” from me.

A part of me wanted to back track and soften my stance, but the cheetah in me had already been unleashed.

I remembered a line I love from the movie Out of Sight, “You wanted to tussle. We tussled!”

So here’s what I told my friend on Facebook:

“…I am an opinionated, argumentative, spicy Caribbean woman. So you tussle with me at your own risk…I can’t be responsible for the depth of my righteous indignation and level to which I will argue a point…”

Did I go too far?

That’s why I’m building LOGOS, a virtual reality for oracles, zionists, and even sentients who are unapologetic about their fight for justice.

You’ll have to wait for the white paper to learn more about LOGOS. Rest assured the ethereum blockchain interface and experience will be out of this world and mind blowing.

Cleve Mesidor is Founder of THE CLEVOLUTION
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