Eternal Fish

by CM Evans

Danny plays with his trucks in an accelerated way. I listen carefully:


“You’re POOR!”



He pauses, and contentedly watches SpongeBob SquarePants. Sandy the Squirrel and Patrick the Star Fish, are being attacked by a gorilla. I on the other hand, am thinking on what I just listened to out of Danny’s mouth.

The first thing that strikes me, is I was actually listening to his play-talk and not ignoring it. Before I can think on more serious repercussions, about myself and personal accountability — morals and ethics — Danny interrupts me.

“Knock Knock!” says Danny.

“Who’s there?” I reply.

“I have a bloody nose!” yells Danny.

“You do?”

“Just kidding!” says Danny, and “Will you read me this book?”

He hands me a book about fish.

I read him the book. Now the Universe is but a serene place, full of fish. Some a red, some are blue, some are old, some new. The fish go on, forever and ever. I read the book to him many times.


Oak Park

December, 2009

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