Final Blog #1

During my first semester in college, there were many problems that I faced and many new things that I learned, I had social issues, academic issues, communication issues, and I even had to deal with handling my time with different kinds of sicknesses. But the one thing that stands out for me this semester was having to learn to deal with my emotions and concentrate on school while I was going through a break up with my now ex boyfriend whom I dated for a long time and fell very in love with. I think that in our relationship he couldn’t handle the distance between us and it made him made irrational decisions. At this moment in time my break up with someone who I could have spent the rest of my life with had consumed my life. I couldn’t concentrate on any school work what-so-ever and I didn’t want to do anything except sleep. For some reason though, I still had a little bit of motivation in me to finish my homework assignments and keep my grades up in my class. I talked to plenty of close friends about my feelings over the situation and they were extremely supportive to me and helped me to get through the break up and so that I could begin to concentrate on myself. A friend told me “Use this time to your fullest potential,” and another friend reminded me “Now is the time to concentrate on yourself, remember that no one deserves you.” With that I was able to push my relationship problems aside and keep myself feeling positive on a day to day basis. I still have my rough times over the topic but I have become a much stronger person. If I had to do something differently over the topic I would have found a way to make sure that the break up didn’t happen in the first place.

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