Final Blog #2

I really love Graceland University and there are so many amazing things about this school that I would never change. I appreciate the Professors dedication to there students at this school and I also love the smaller campus and smaller community. I also think that Graceland has so many learning options and hands on experiences that not many students can find any where else. But there is on thing in particular that comes to mind when I think about changing something about this school. The main thing I would change at Graceland is the food system. I don’t think that Graceland has very well food at all and also there isn’t much of an option to eat healthy food either. Health and fitness is something that is extremely important to me and it has been since I was a little girl, but I don’t have the option of eating healthy food at Graceland and that is a real bummer. I also prefer to eat a specific kind of diet and I also don’t really have that option at this school because the food system doesn’t provide specific dieting options. I don’t like the idea that the food system doesn’t really support those students that have food allergies either, someone who is gluten free doesn’t have open options all of the time and that makes following that allergy much harder for that student. A smarter option would be to do what almost every other college does in the entire country, which is having different small restaurants that have more then one option at each. This can provide so many more options and even healthier options.

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