Final Blog #3

One of the specific things that I would change about the world right now is sexism. I don’t like to consider myself a feminist, but I definitely do believe that women deserve to be treated with the same kind of respect as men. For so long women have been degraded and underestimated, and I believe that if women were given the chance to be treated equally that many amazing things could happen and many world issues could be solved. It is sad for me to pick up a magazine to see a half naked, under weight, obviously photoshopped woman with a main header that says “How to get bigger boobs” written across her chest. It is sad to me that in every movie that happens to have a strong female role, that she is half naked, with very tight clothing. She is constantly sexualized. It is sad to me that teenage boys who hop on the internet and open a pornography site will watch men sexually and physically abuse women, because to them it is “arousing.” Women don’t deserve to be constantly sexualized and constantly judged for her physicality. I think it is extremely important that this topic becomes so much more known around this country and also around the world. Because not only in American is this an issue, but even places like South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and the U.K. Not only women can change this either, men also need to be involved in this idea to be able to form a movement and help to equalized women’s rights.