Final Blog #5

There are many things that I learned in the year of 2016, but the top ten things that I learned begin with what I learned about myself. (1) Because the first half of the year I was in high school, and the second half I was in college, I had to learn this year how to take full responsibility of myself and manage everything in my life with out my parents there every step of the way. (2) I learned to fall in love with someone who gave me many amazing life experiences, (3) but also how to fall out of love with someone who betrayed me and stole my time and commitment. (4) I learned so much about Social categories during my first semester of college, under the many topics of gender, race, and class, and how American society has such a great effect on each. (5) I learned that it is possible that America can choose a very sexist and racist and disrespectful man to rule our nation after having someone who did an amazing job of trying to save our country. (6) I also learned how to deal with other peoples immaturity and high school level drama between conflicts with peers. (7) I had to learn the hard way that it is extremely inappropriate to wear jeans to a recital performance; walking across campus to change my clothes and then walk all the way back was not ideal. (8) This school semester I have been able to motivate myself to exercising at the gym almost every day and I have learned how much of a difference keeping my body healthy can make to feeling good and staying focused. (9) I also learned what it means to be a supportive friend, even when I don’t feel like it. (10) and last but not least, I learned this year how to feel confident in myself and love myself just as much as others love me.

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