LBGTQ Latinx Blog #3

For this Blog I decided to real from the LBGTQ Latinx experience cluster to understand the intersectionality of someone who is a different race and also gay or lesbian. The very first article that I read immediately intrigued me because the man that wrote the article seemed to have more of a middle school level writing and grammar ability, and I believe that the only reason I recognized that is because I just got done reading about whether or not America is biased against Latinx for their inability to speak enough english. But after reading through the article “America is a haven for gay immigrants like me. Don’t let Orlando change that” by Luis F. Mancheno, I was able to think of a few friends of mine that are in a very similar situation as this, or may even have an personal connection to this passage and its idea of intersectionality. This encouraged me to continue reading over the topic because I was able to feel some sort of connection or relation. The argument of this article is over the topic that a young gay latino came to America to feel safer as being openly gay, but he is constantly reminded that even in America, there is still an ongoing issue under the topic of gay rights. Mancheno’s argument is that he believes that people shouldn’t take the murdering of gay people in Orlando, which happened rather recently, and feel as if they are no longer safe, because he believes that America is a safer place for someone to be openly gay then many places around the world. I think that it is extremely important that people who are labeled with intersectionality should feel safe in America because this country is the land of the free, maybe that statement is intended against slavery, but it should be intended for so many other things as well so people can begin to express themselves and never hide who they really are.

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