Tech Tuesday: 5 Articles You Should Read Right Now

1. The Duct Tape Programmer: One of my favorite essays on programming ever written. This viewpoint on code quality is critical for startups to understand. [Joel on Software]

“When you are done, you might have a messy go-cart, but it’ll sure as hell fly.”

“They [Netscape] thought that they only had a few months before someone else came along and ate their lunch. A lot of important code is like that.”

2. Vertical Markets — a trillion dollar opportunity: This applies to most Smart City startups and solutions. [Ho Nam on LinkedIn]

“The combination of large markets, extreme capital efficiency and growth potential has resulted in some spectacular returns for investors in vertical software companies.”

3. McMansions 101: What Makes a McMansion Bad Architecture: McMansion service architecture is just as bad. [Worst of McMansions]

“In this post, I will introduce basic architectural concepts and explain why not all suburban/exurban/residential houses are McMansions, as well as what makes a McMansion especially hideous.”

4. To Work… “An Horatian Notion by Thomas Lux”: My favorite part is the very end; I feel that way when I work with exceptional businesspeople. [Uncle Fishbits]

“You make the thing because you love the thing
and you love the thing because someone else loved it
enough to make you love it.”

5. A Monkey Using an iPad: What does it mean to be human when animals can use our technology?

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