A brute. A savage. A barbarian.

Described as inhuman, unrestrained, and relentless.

A breed that is feared by many because of their refusal to conform. A tribe believed not to be human and to carry such an intensity that giants and demons quake when they hear them on the warpath.

The barbarian moves for no one. They are not influenced by the culture around them, the beliefs of civilization, but by the violent and passionate pursuit to be free. A barbarian carries with them passion and pursues with savage fierceness towards their goals. They do not wait for others to join them. They do not ask before pursuing. They do not accept the restraints placed upon them by the culture or the civilizations they encounter. They do not move from who they are and they fight to protect that.

And such is time for the untamed to rise up again. A breed of people unconcerned with the security and the luxury offered in the world today. This tribe does not trade comfort and luxury for their birthright. They do not fear death. They do not fear the consequences they are threatened with. They care about only one thing. Passionate and violent pursuit of something greater.

Originally published at Caleb M Hutton

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