We were once barbarians. We strived and fought with such violent passion, we lived with a savage fierceness that caused nations and people to take notice. They watched as we restlessly pursued after our God and watched in amazement as the power of the greatest conceivable existence moved throughout cities, and homes, and businesses. But what has happened along they way?

Have we become cultivated? Have we become comfortable?

We looked at what the world had to offer and decided that’s what we wanted. We laid down our swords and accepted the normalcies that culture provided. And with that, our pursuit of something greater went with it. We no longer pursue with passion and violent love. We have become blended with the rest of the world. Our thoughts, our words, our voices have changed and now match those of civilization. And they welcomed us with open arms. And why wouldn’t they?

We were causing problems. We were disrupting the status quo of what it meant to really live and who we were meant to live for. They swayed us with trinkets, and luxury, and comfort. They offered us these things in exchange for our pursuit. In exchange for our freedom. Now they do not recognize us and we no longer recognize ourselves. We have become soft. We have become dormant.

Our battle cry no longer carries across the battlefield and our fire as almost gone out. But we were never meant to live this way, the way they are telling us and want us to live. We were never meant to be cultivated or domesticated. We were never meant to be tamed. But that is what we have become. But there are many who are starting to choke from the collar. There are many who are ready to return to who we were supposed to be. What we were born to be. Barbarians.

Originally published at Caleb M Hutton

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