We were formed and molded and changed to no longer fit or live in a human environment. As we took the oath to serve and to love our king, we were taken out of human habitation. We were adopted by our Father and now no longer belong to these earthy tribes.

We are beyond human.

We are no longer human in nature or character. Because we were created to go beyond what is human. We were created to be barbaric. To step past the limitations and move in what is unearthly, extraordinary, unbelievable, and superhuman. We were never meant to deal with problems, fight the enemy, or build within human limitations. We were made to access a different realm, an outside reality that dominates over what we can see, and touch and taste. And now we have that access.

Bought by blood and paid in full, we now can cross the bridge that connects this world to the other. We have a seat at the table, permission to enter the rooms of our Father’s house, train in the arena and take whatever we need to achieve success in life and battle.

As civilizations of an unearthly kingdom, we can now wield the weaponry of angels, partner with the Spirit, and live abundantly in grace, power, and love. We are given the power to shift the fabrics of culture and charged with bringing the wealth, the freedom, the resources, and the love of the Kingdom that sets outside of this world to the earth.

The power and the authority given to us isn’t given by the inhabitants of this earth but by an off-planet king. We are not limited by what we can do as a human being, but we are now unlimited because of what our Father’s Spirit can do through us.

We have been marked. We have been chosen. We have been given authority. And we are no longer rely on our own power.

Our thoughts are transformed. Our mindset is shifted. Our values change and so does our power. We are no longer limited to the four walls of this world but now have access to pull things down from the Heavens. We are equipped to invade the constructs around us and work outside of what we can see. We are equipped to engage the enemy and watch them quake as we fight beyond human capacity and strength.

But we were not only meant to return to our natural state but also to be the driving force to return the earth to its original intent. To reclaim it and see it restored. And to do that, we must invade it.

Originally published at Caleb M Hutton

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