Announcing the Democratic Debate Schedule
Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Since the Party has only deigned to schedule four debates, I’d like to respond with four things I find depressing

  1. I agree with Senator Chambliss on something. Try something new every day, I suppose.
  2. The Democratic Party has decided that among its principles is the utility of exclusivity agreements. I wonder if “total world domination” is also there. “The power of monopolies”? What is the principle underlying the exclusivity agreement?
  3. The Democratic Party gives no acknowledgment that there are fewer debates this year, or that many people want more. The May announcement is absurd — six debates are “consistent with the precedent” set in past years? Really?
  4. While the Democratic Party will, I believe, be punished in the general election for this schedule, we the voters will be the ones who suffer. We’re being punished because a small group of people have turned an election into a coronation.

This was shady move, representative.