I thought I had one but then everything changed and I found myself alone in a temple bowing to the large gold Buddha, not knowing why religion had suddenly won me over.

And my plan was to head North because that’s where the Dutch kids went to ride motorbikes, but then the ATM ate my debit card so I was aimless at the night market.

On Sunday I walked through a meadow to take photographs of the small house on stilts, its red roof intentionally slanted with such acuteness so that the birds would find their peace elsewhere.

Elsewhere, I think about how there are no mosquitos. But then I’m thankful that the mosquitos here move slower than back home because they are that much easier to defeat.

Majesty wins me over when I’m without a clock and I let myself forget the day of the week, because my only plan is to eat the ripe papaya that Jai brought down from the mountain house.

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