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I’m sure you have heard a lot about Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crytocurrencies, ICO … but blockchain EPIK is the best, and for more details we will go to the following topics:

If we look at how society has evolved from tribal society, we have moved to a different social structure in the modern world where people work in a specialized way and can Doing so in a global environment, from anywhere in the world due to the advent of technology and the internet.

The most important and important social achievement of the last decade is the Internet, which is not difficult to imagine today. You can handle this differently, but humans really experience the transition between our real world and the digital world. Communicate, entertain, shop at online stores. And relatively new sites are growing so fast that the purchase of virtual goods, things not in real life, only in the digital world, but it is important that consumers spend most of their time on Internet. Over the past decade, the sale of virtual goods has exploded along with the exponential growth of social networks and games.

The result is a multi-million dollar market for products, technically speaking, to be untrue. However, this amount is very real, with recent calculations bringing the annual sales of virtual products amounting to more than $ 15 billion. Virtual products can range from digital stickers for use in messaging applications to set your avatar and extra life in digital games.

This brand new portfolio has emerged as part of the transition to a “free-trade economy” in which consumers are eager to receive the services they want, everything from News to mobile games. However, companies still have to pay their bills, which is why they become innovative in terms of making money. The traditional approach was based on advertising, but for many digital companies, buying in virtual goods apps provided a new way to keep lights bright while improving the user experience.

For many, the so-called multiplayer online game has become an important source of income. The website has emerged allowing players to use electronic money to buy items, such as weapons or real estate, that they may need or need for the game.
Games like Second Life, World of Warcraft, Ultima Online and dozens of others provide opportunities to reach out to thousands of players around the world in virtual environments that continue to exist whether a particular person is. play at this time. It will come as no surprise that, as with most new trends, younger consumers are fueling the growth of virtual sales. In addition, the market is much more mature in other parts of the world than in North America at this time, especially in Asia. Entering into the virtual goods market it provides a new way for brands to achieve two very compelling demographic data and also has a relatively low-risk way to test new markets.

And the fact that the product does not really exist is an advantage in itself. This merchandise is not limited by the physical limitations of the real world. Gone are the time and financial constraints of product development and supply chain concerns. In many cases, the platform or developer will do the work of creating a virtual product, all the brands have to do is approve it. This is because, for digital platforms, virtual goods have become an essential way not only to make money, but also to introduce new content that remains committed to the user.


The problem with creating a thriving virtual market for branded products is fragmentation. Today, digital platforms operate as closed ecosystems and brands are fragmented and operate in silos with little access. In addition, when reviewing licensing agreements, each brand faces significant different branding goals, such as geographic location, demographics, licensing fees, marketing power, and attraction.


BLM (Blockchain Licensing Marketplace) is a B2B2C blockchain that handles B2B2C transactions and delivers value through efficiency, traceability and security. BLMP is a pioneer of licensed virtual products and the mission of BLMP is to connect the intellectual property licensing industry to digital platforms. BLMP utilizes blockchain-based encryption technology as a means to easily produce and exchange liquid values ​​in digital ecosystems.


BLMP is addressing this complex business problem by creating a vast network of global brands and digital platforms to facilitate the licensing process. BLMP is a unique location for growth driven by relationships with established licensing companies such as Evolution and BDLabs, with a total of more than 1,000 clients, partners, assets and brands. The Epik token promotes the BLMP blockchain license platform and consumers use it to obtain branded virtual goods. 
Finally, the BLMP worked hard before launch and, for 3 months, successfully launched a fully functional product, attracted a lot of traction (more than 1,000 brands, millions). active user monthly) and have income model, active!


The EPIK token is the best way to collect branded items on any digital platform, such as games, mobile games, virtual reality, real-world enhancements. Social networking and brand emotion icons. In addition, the sale of this card provides the reward of the chips collected, something truly unique. Considering that the lead author of the ERC-721 is in our group and that we specialize in the ERC-721 collections, we think it would be great to reward buyers with a special collection. .

You can get more information about this platform or engage in sales through the following links:

WEBSITE: https://www.epiktoken.io/
whitepaper: https://www.epiktoken.io/assets/pdf/BLMP_whitepaper.pdf
FACEBOOK: https://facebook.com/EpikToken
TWITTER: https: // twitter. com / epiktoken
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/EpikToken

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