Hate to burst the bubble here…
A Ennis

This is possibly the dumbest, most condescending and ignorant thing I have ever heard a white person say in defense of Sanders. Which is appalling because you Bernie Bots are beyond obnoxious.

If your great reason to support Sanders is 50 years ago he marched with MLK, you’re gullible http://www.snopes.com/sanders-mlk-selma-march/ and have VERY low standards of what makes an effective politician.

And I am a Vermonter! I donated to Sanders. I like Sanders. I have met him personally several times. But blaming black people for voting for Trump and not VOTER SUPPRESSION that tossed out 80K votes in Michigan alone is incredibly dumb. Only 5% fewer black voters than in prior election with a black candidate! The guilty party is clearly white women, so maybe get yourself a mirror and talk to your book club and relatives and leave black people alone.

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