“The space is nothing. The real value is our program. We provide lectures, workshops, trainings, and many other guidance to the participants. We do assign a mentor to them, matching with their background, field of interests, necessary advise, etc. The participants naturally meet with other fellow initiators in the space, and we do introduce them to others including potential partners and funding resources”.
Education & Incubation: Role of Education Management Professionals to Work with Change Makers
Ai Goto

That’s really interesting Goto san for her to say that the physical space “…is nothing”, and that for them the value is in the programming and mentorship they provide for those who use the lab.

I’ve been developing a co-working project, and the founder of co.lab in Manila talks extensively about how important the physical space is in fostering a sense of community, contributing to their socialization and prompting spontaneous collaboration.

Also, from our architecture project this year, our partner organization has a theory of container/content. The container is the physical architectural space (including furniture) but that it’s important to fill the container with content, i.e. programming like the lab, to support the people who use the space.

It would be interesting to ask her or users of the lab how they feel specifically about the space they use and if it contributes to fostering a community.