C.M. Jones, Inc.: Mulching Services

C.M. Jones, Inc. has premium mulches available for discount prices. We deliver mulch Monday through Friday to any location near our headquarters in Exton, Pennsylvania. Our services extend to all of the Main Line and Philadelphia suburbs. Saturday deliveries can be made if prearranged. C.M. Jones features five types of mulch to all of our customers:

• Premium: Mulch made from premium bark is the highest quality mulch we carry. You can tell the best mulch from the rest by its color. Our Premium Bark Mulch is a rich, dark color. It looks and smells like the dirt you would find in the thickest rainforest. It is made with a unique combination of aged hardwood bark and breaks down easily into the soil, enriching the material.

It is double ground, and we get it shipped to us straight from the sawmill.

• Black Dyed: This mulch is a blend of roots and selected hardwoods. This ultra nutritious mulch is the darkest mulch we carry.

• Brown Dyed: A blend of specially selected roots and hardwoods, this color-enhanced, finely ground, has a rich natural color.

• Triple Shred Root Blend: This mulch is darker in color than the Brown Dyed Mulch but lighter than the Black Dyed Mulch. This mulch is made from finely ground selected hardwoods and roots, and your soil will be greatly nourished.

• Wood Chips: An inexpensive way to cover ground, our wood chip blends are made of ground brush and wood. We don’t recommend wood chips for flower or planting beds.

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