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Talent round two was a success, but now the real work begins. I have a lot to do and only 24 hours each day to get it done. Meaning, no more personal life. Which is fine by me, but I will have to sneak in some TV time. A girl has to stay sane some how.

“Real World” Update

Hello, my name is Cassie Kibens. Please hire me.

We are down to crunch time with interviewing for those “real world” jobs. For me, it is looking pretty good (knock on wood). I scored an awesome opportunity with a company up north. Nothing to report for real yet, but it is a nice way to start my job search. I just have to actually graduate too. So there is a lot to think about. If a potential employer is reading this, I mean, come on. Who wouldn’t hire this girl?

Last day producing for LUTV News. Hopefully you will see me in a different producer chair soon!

Talent Round Two

These past two weeks went so much better than the first month on the talent team. I think having had that experience and knowing what to expect this time helped completely. I knew what I had to do with weather and how to handle my time as an anchor that day. Since I knew what to expect and how to get all my work done I was able to budget time during that day to work on other things. This is a complete 180 from our first few weeks as a team.

They call this the “weather walk.” Or, at least Jill, our professor, does. I think it looks good on me.

Anchoring was by far easier this time around. I was more aware of how quickly I was reading and what each story sounded like out loud. Reading the story out loud is the best way to catch those silly mistakes. Of course giving the entire story a really good read a few times can help pick up mistakes with flow and active vs. passive voice. I am getting the hang of that much more now. At least I think so.

Dream team at it again. This was one of my favorite shows to do so far this semester. It just went really well and worked. I think this is one of those shows that makes the entire team feel good about what we are doing.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

That is one of my mom’s favorite sayings. In true mom fashion, she’s right. In the beginning of the semester we all didn’t really know each other. Sure, we said “hi” and “what’s up” in passing here and there, but I do not think we actually REALLY knew each other. I am speaking for myself here, and this is just what I observed. What is the LUTV newsroom like now? Oh, it’s also done a 180. Since those newbie first weeks we have all grown together. We have learned what makes each other tick and how to handle certain situations. It’s all about that communication.

CANDID SHOT. Sammi and Danny trying to figure out why the printer did not collate like it was supposed to. It’s always something. #allsmiles
We went from fresh faces to familiar friends. It is amazing how we can all work together these days to get a job done.
This is a journalists greatest dream. Free food.

That is what a newsroom should be like. We should be able to help one another re-shoot a stand up, or catch a mistake in a graphic that was not our task to begin with. That is why we work so well as a newsroom. We want to see each other succeed and in order for that to happen sometimes we have to lend a hand when needed. Or lend a box of donuts, pizza, coffee, etc. :)

So, What’s Next?

Glad you asked. Coffee, coffee and more coffee. Oh, you mean what I am working on in class? Oh. Ok. I have been planning away on my special show. Working Title: Small Businesses of Main Street. It’s a work in progress. It should go something like this: Packages: Bike Stop Cafe and Outpost, Something about starting a small business, OPO Startups, Sugar Bot Bake Shop, Blue Bird Yoga (if they ever call me back). My interview? Uh, let’s come back to that later. VO-SOT: Greater St. Charles Chamber of Commerce. So yeah, a lot to do and less than two weeks to get it done. But that’s what they made triple grande, one-pump, no whip, mochas for. #thankscoffee

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. #gilmoregirls

Have you ever seen Gilmore Girls? No? They basically live their lives around coffee. This is what my life will be like for the next four weeks. #kthanksbye

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