Media Analysis Reflection

The purpose of Media Analysis, to me, is to educate us on how big of an impact the media has on our day-to-day lives. We have learned about how easy it is for people we don’t even know to manipulate us into believing anything they want us to. We learned about how marketing companies get us to buy things, television influences our opinions of things, and how news corporations get us to believe different things.

One message from this class, that I found very interesting, was how easy it is for marketers to program consumer’s brains into associating different things with their products. Companies like Apple and Mcdonald’s have become so well known, that the minute you see a pair of headphones, or a basket of fries you instantly think of their companies, without even trying to. Another message that stuck out to me, was how different television shows change how we perceive different groups of people. Shows like Everybody Hates Chris and Jane the Virgin confirm different stereotypes, that we have been raised to believe, about blacks and hispanics. The lower-class lifestyles portrayed, as well as the presence of familial abandonment, are just two aspects of both shows that most americans generalize to both of those entire races. Yes, these examples are realities in some situations, but not in all situations. The third message, is how the delivery of information through different news corporations get manipulated in such a way, where we instantly believe whatever we are being told, without knowing the entire story. Consumers, only see one side of certain situations, and base their entire opinions on that. This class taught me how to be a well-rounded consumer, and see specific situations, from different viewpoints, even if they are not viewpoints that I necessarily agree with.

For seniors taking this course next year, I would tell them to be open to the new ideas that will be presented to them. This is the kind of class, that you will think about outside the classroom. You will discuss the things you learn in this class with your friends and family. This is the type of a class where you will remember what you learned in five years. Overall, it is a great and informative class to take, to top off your senior year.

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