By the Dwindling Light

After a rather slow set of Fed rank missions, i decided to head out to the Pleiades Nebula to help find ‘meta-alloys’ which are a curious new commodity to be found on the surface of a planet located in the nebula.

So far there has been no sign of these meta-alloys but the search continues with a large number of commanders involved. It is probably just a matter of time before something turns up.

After arriving in the nebula yesterday , I had great fun this morning making a journey down the inside of a crater. I landed the Anaconda on a raised area and drove down right to the bottom in an SRV. The light was harsh and was gradually dwindling as it was blotted out by the crater rim.

The journey down was bumpy with a number of outcrops that could be harvested for material and elements. After arriving at the bottom of the crater i recalled the Anaconda which landed very close to my position. With fuel running low i returned to the ship. It’s always a relief to get back on-board.

The light was fading away fast as the star dipped lower behind the crater rim. Then suddenly the Anaconda was in darkness, only the ships lights providing any illumination. It suddenly felt so bleak and lonely there.

With the SRV on board it was time to leave. I hit the thrusters and she lifted off. I’d spent about an hour and a half on the surface. No barnacles found but i did enjoy the drive.

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