Week Seven Out

Yet another week gone! It’s surprising how quickly the weeks go by when you are out exploring. I have around another five weeks before the turn to home and i have to admit that i am looking forward to getting back to the bubble. Being out 17,000Ly does have its good points but the sense of isolation can be quite overpowering at times. After some of the Glanet news articles from this week however, i wonder if there will be a bubble to return too!

A trip down onto a planet this week was slightly mindblowing in scale when the small crater i was approaching turned out to have a depth of 5km. All of the images used in this post come from that crater visit. Yet again i was on the lookout for vanadium which i didn't manage to find. It isn't a high priority as the AFMs have enough supply to fix another serious incident but the option to resupply would be nice. I just need one more bit!

The power plant is now down to 86% after a close call with a neutron star earlier in the week. Repairing other areas of the ship is fine but the one key area that dictates the ship’s viability remains damaged. It got me thinking about how explorers could be given the ability to repair a damaged power plant. The basic idea would be for a auxiliary power unit (APU) module that could be added to your ship to power the AFM repair of the power plant.

A great deal of elements/material would be required and it would take time — lots of time — but a repair could be made either on a planet’s surface (where materials could be harvested) or in space. Anyway the power plant damage is currently negligible so I don’t have to worry too much about it — well just worry about not damaging it more than I already have! It has to get me home! Any further significant damage to the plant and home i go.

In the next couple of days i will make another move that should take me within 3000Ly of the next waypoint. The scanning has continued to produce excellent results — I haven’t come across another commander’s discovery tag for over a week now either. I do need to move quicker though so that i can get to the next waypoint by the end of the month. Scanning earns the cash but i need to keep my eye on the pace of travel as well.

This coming week will be more of the same — scanning and yet more scanning. Week after week. Day after day. Sometimes it’s epic and other times its horrific — a bit like Lave radio.

Repetitive and, hopefully, lucrative. Must keep scanning. :)