Week Three Out

It was a simple mistake. I’d just taken my eye of the ball for a split second but that was all it needed. I’d been heading to a star to fuel scoop after scanning the neutron star at the heart of the system. I’d scan the scoopable star, fuel scoop and then be on my way. Simple… but it’s exactly at these moments that things can go wrong. Ah… not so simple.

I decided at the last minute to take another look at the galaxy map without thinking about the building speed and close distance to my fuel stop. I made my nav adjustments and switched back to see a star bearing down on me. No escape. Bang! I tumble out of hyperspace and start to heat up quickly. Worst of all, I didn't really need to make the fuel stop but was going just to top up!

To cut a long story short, I managed to get out without too much damage. I was pretty lucky. All of the module damage has been repaired but the power plant is now down to 91%. Currently I have no way of repairing it while out exploring so I'm stuck with it. Not a huge disaster but i could have certainly done without it. If that damage figure drops below 65%… home we go.

I was feeling a bit low after the accident but all that changed a few hours later when I came across my first black hole — undiscovered too along with a neutron star for company! The lensing effect was quite obvious and a pretty awe inspiring sight. Encouragingly most of systems that have been scanned over the past week have been of a very high quality — and high value!

Over the next week or so, i will be sorting out the details and timings of the route. I should complete the first third of the journey — each part taking approximately a month — within the next few days. The next phase of the trip will be over 6000Ly where more scanning will take place, and from there the final stage will cover Sagittarius A* and then the long, long trip home.

If the trip goes to plan, I should arrive back in the bubble for the weekend around April 30th. Then I have the equally daunting task of selling the data!

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