I was born Deaf and lost my vision as an adult — but reading is my constant companion

Photos courtesy of the author

As someone with limited sight, Braille allows me to feel the landscape of language

Photos: Cristina Hartmann

What sucks the fun out of reading and what to do about it

What it’s really like to hear for the first time after growing up totally deaf

The strange dynamics of growing up deaf in a hearing family

My sister (left) signing “more”, and me (right) signing “what?”

The ethical dilemma of consuming good art by bad people

‘A Wrinkle in Time’ has a message that rings as true today as it did in 1962.

It’s not a tragedy to be deaf and it’s not a miracle when technology brings you sound

Lindsay Wagner as Jaime Sommers in ‘The Bionic Woman.’ Image: NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Cristina Hartmann

Stringing words together and hoping for the best. Find me at http://cristinahartmann.com

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