Black-listing ITC Fortune Bella Casa, Jaipur
Chaitanya Modgill

Dear Mr. Dey,

It is surprising that inspite of having a full house on the night of 22 March 2016, the hotel was left to be managed by trainees and interns at and after 11 pm, and despite numerous calls to the authorities and you, no one answered back until next morning.

The kids checked in on 21 March 2016, at around 7 pm, till then everything was perfectly fine. Then they had the dinner buffet and a few started falling sick in the morning and the number was increasing by the evening and hotel had not taken any initiative. Thus we had to rush from Delhi to Jaipur. The doctor from Fortis Hospital informed the teachers that they got sick because of the dinner as food poisoning starts within 3–4 hours and not before or after that.

Obviously the chef won’t accept that the pizza was not cooked properly, but I was the one who ate a bite out of it, and with all due respect, this was not the only pizza I ever had. The picture of the linen was taken in front of your staff, please check with them and your housekeeping manager who called us next day, in afternoon to check (right before we were checking out).

We appreciate the hotel giving the children fruits and muffins for who had fallen sick.

We are well traveled people and being in the travel industry with a collaborative experience of over 25 years, we know how the hotels should extend help in case of an emergency.

With all due respect sir, I would request you to look into the issue, so that no other guests face such problems. As tour operators, it is our duty to tell clients to keep away from hotels where we ourselves had a poor experience.

Thank you,

Chaitanya Modgill

Manager, Business Development

Alluring India Destination Pvt. Ltd.

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