Physical hardware and digital experiences are merging in a unique way. After a wave of digital-only products overtaking traditional physical products (Radio apps over traditional radios), we are slowly beginning to see a resurgence in unique physical products that bridge the gap between hardware and software. From Google Home to Amazon Dash (Received with mixed reviews) companies are innovating in unique ways to bring back physical hardware.

What does the future hold for these devices? Could we see more companies creating unique interactions and hardware or is it just a kitchy phase were going through? …

This is a talk I did at Develop Denver ( earlier this year. I think the future of artificial intelligence is an exciting and scary reality. Watch below to learn more:

The design community is a wonderful and exciting place. Between Twitter, Facebook, Dribbble, Ello, Behance, and so many more amazing website we have the power to connect with designers in a way that has never been possible before. However, in some ways, I often wonder if we take these freedoms and tools from granted. When was the last time you really took the time to provide valuable feedback to a Dribbble post instead of something like, “Nice work!” or “Epic!”? …

Cody Brant Moiseve

Freelance Product Designer, adventurer, and beer lover. Co-host of @sprintuxpodcast. I specialize in helping startups develop their product for market.

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