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3 Things To Keep in Mind When Developing an AI based App

From automated smartphone based AI agents like SIRI to artificially intelligent cars such as the Tesla, we’re living in an AI based world. The world is slowly becoming an artificially intelligent planet easing out several tasks that humans usually performed.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence allow pre-developed software or hardware mediums to make decisions based on the order or request by you, the user. However, there are several different concerns that seem to have risen ever since the very start of AI development. Enabling machines to make intelligent decisions all by themselves might seem like a benefit at first, but realizing that the machine is slowly starting to develop a capability to think all by itself sounds like something straight out of a terminator movie. For entrepreneurs, startups and corporations looking to develop an artificially intelligent website, here are some things to keep in mind.

Researching AI Safety

Artificial intelligence might be beneficial in several different ways but it certainly isn’t safe at all times. With AI based drones and autonomous weapons in the making, who knows what one small decision made by the AI system can do? Sure, one speculation is to keep the borders of every nation safe and sound but other speculations also include mass casualties and devastation.

Researching AI safety is pretty important especially because all of the information is directly connected to the internet. Most AI solutions need the internet for assistance and providing valuable data in the hands of an artificially intelligent hardware or an app is an important step to take.

Beneficial Yet Destructive

Here’s a question: How exactly does AI work? Well, the correct answer should be, ’it corresponds to the users requests with the best self-thought solution.’ And yes, it sounds great at first. But hey, have you thought how destructive a machine can be thinking it’s merely following orders made by the user?

Consider the example of an AI based car. Let’s say you’re running late for a flight and you need to drive fast to reach the airport. Now, to a normal person that means driving at a slightly fast speed than normal following safety measures but to a machine it just means driving fast. Merely a small misconception can result in several injuries to fellow drivers, people crossing the road and of course you.

Hence, AI can be beneficial in a million ways but so can it be dangerous. With Superintelligence warnings all around the web, safety measures need to be taken. Think we missed out on something? Tell us what we missed in the comments section. We’re waiting desperately!