Car Trouble — Lyft Announces 1 Million Rides Per Day

While it might sound impossible to beat an application like UBER in the United States, Lyft sure seems to be gaining up to the target. The app owners recently shared how Lyft has now surpassed the average of 1 million rides per day discussing the growth of the company at a very small time and accumulating operations at 80% of the United States. The statement also read that Lyft has recorded a total of 160 million rides in all of 2016 which is far less than that of UBER.

Corresponding the blog posted by arch rivals, UBER posted a statement of their own informing everyone about their 5 billionth cumulative trip worldwide. The fact that the number shifted from 2 million to 5 million in just a year is a huge surprise for many. You cannot deny the fact that the company is just way bigger than Lyft, but its correspondence to the message definitely made it clear that its aware of its competition. With a huge defeat in the middle east by arch rival Careem, UBER has now kept its eyes wide open in terms of competition. What’s surprising is the fact that even after several strikes, scandals, customer satisfaction issues and even the forced departure of Travis Kalanick, UBER still continues to stay in the lead.

With Lyft slowly gaining on UBER, it just might be possible in a few years for the competition to be neck-and-neck with the two giants. What do you think? Are you and UBER-lover or a Lyft-fan? Tell us what you think in the comments section. Looking for an application similar to UBER and Lyft? Inquire with our app engineers at CMOLDS today.
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