Winter Village Spreads Cheer

From October 29th to March 5th, Bryant Park hosts the annual Bank of America Winter Village. It includes food vendors, holiday shops, an ice skating rink, and a public fare. 21 year old Dylan Panicucci, a visitor from West Point, says how he feels about the Winter Village and the crowds of people it attracts.


Narr: From October 29th to March 5th, Bryant Park hosts the Bank of America Winter Village. With a full ice skating rink, food vendors, a public fair, and holiday shops that are open until after the New Year, families and friends gather from world wide to see the excitement that is winter in New York. Dylan Panicucci from New Jersey is one of the excited Village-goers.

Int 1: It’s a really fun event that they have here for families and friends to go to together and it puts everyone in the holiday spirit. Getting everyone ready for Christmas, or Hanukkah if that’s your thing. It’s got a lot of fun little shops, good food.

Narr: But with a good time comes a lot of foot traffic. And with growing crowds and limited space, safety becomes a priority for pedestrians.

Int 2: It’s pretty crowded around here. In the city in general, it gets really crowded during the holidays. Just make sure if you bring kids you keep track of them, keep them close to you, don’t let them get trampled. People are crazy in these crowds.

Narr: But despite having to battle the crowds, this holiday attraction is one that not only catches people’s eyes with the large tree and bright lights, but also leaves many in high spirits! Christina Monaco, Fordham University.