● A Nation in Decline (An Opinion Piece)

Living in America.

Born in the USA.

A lot has happened in my lifetime, since the 1950s. Grew up in a segregated neighborhood. Attended segregated schools from kindergarten to 8thgrade.

People say water fountains, restrooms, and other public facilities were clearly marked with signs that said “Whites” and “Coloreds Only”. Of a truth, that’s not in my childhood memory. The Civil Rights Movement — the marches, the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. — those events are in my memory. My first experience attending an integrated high school with girls from ethnic and racial backgrounds different from mine. That’s in my memory.

(1) Use and abuse of illegal drugs becoming commonplace. Talkin’ ’bout my generation.

(2) Fornication — i.e. sexual relations outside of the marriage bed becoming acceptable and even expected behavior.

(3) Homosexuals coming out of the closets and parading in the streets.

(4) AIDS.

Many people point to (1) through (4) as “proof” that our nation is in decline.

(Yawn.) You want proof that the USA is following the path of the Roman Empire?

When the words “In God We Trust” are removed from our currency; and the phrase “one nation under God” is deleted from the Pledge of Allegiance, you’ll have PROOF!! OK?

Is There A Separation of Church and State?


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Originally published at dailytwocents.com on February 22, 2015.