● Aesop: unclear biography, unwritten fables, timeless morals

This post shares a link from fellow freelance writer Tolovaj — a magical writer who hails from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Tolovaj doesn’t just publish written material.

The man who pleased none.

(Image from Baby’s Own Aesop by Walter Crane)

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“Tolovaj publishes masterpieces!”

You can quote me on that. 💓

When you visit the articles, you become instantly mesmerized. The information is fascinating reading, but the layout and presentation of the images that complement the content is absolutely exquisite! The particular link below is to a mini-bio of the famous fabulist, whom we all know as Aesop, but whom we also don’t know very much about. (???) He didn’t even write down his fables!

To put it in Tolovaj’s words:

Aesop was most popular fabulist in the world. He still is. But we don’t know much about him. Fortunately his fables are much more clear than his biography.

After reading the article I was moved to remark:

Even though we don’t know much about his life, if Aesop’s fables are an indication of his character, he would definitely have been included in my circle of friends. :)


Aesop’s Fables for Children: Includes a Read-and-Listen CD (Dover Read and Listen)

Originally published at cmoneyspinner.blogspot.com on February 4, 2015.

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