● Balsam: For Priests, Kings and Everyday People

Balsam or balm has been very important since ancient times. Here are a few interesting facts.

- Balsam was an ingredient in the anointing oil of the Jewish priests.

- The Queen of Sheba brought balsam as a gift to King Solomon.

- Ishmaelites were traders who sold slaves, spices, myrrh and balm (or balsam).

- Common names for the balsam tree are: balm of Gilead, balsam of Gilead, and balsam of Mecca.

- The Greek term balsamon means “fragrant oil”.

- Ancient Egyptians , Romans , Greeks , Arabs and Turks all prized the balm of Gilead. But the fact is, it was precious and highly valued by everyone because of its healing qualities .

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Image credit: ‘The Visit of the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon’, oil on canvas painting by Edward Poynter, 1890, Art Gallery of New South Wales “ by Edward Poynter — Art Gallery of New South Wales. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons . » http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Poynter

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