● Bringing White Feather From the Mountain

Let me tell you about a fellow blogger who goes by the name White Feather. The information he shares is so eye-opening and fascinating, the temptation to re-share is irresistible. You must be pointed in the direction of the paths he takes online and see the world through his lens. From his profile at a social network that no longer exists, found my way to his website and the other links below that were posted to his activity timeline.

Official Website: Writings of White Feather

The article of interest suggested for your review is:

Just wanted to contrast and compare to my opinion piece which was published via Daily Two Cents, titled: Syrian Refugees Go Home!

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Started my spice website and embarked upon foodie travels via the Internet. World cuisine or ethnic cuisine has become a subset of my culinary escapades so this link-share about a particular food that “ranked seventh on CNN’s list of the World’s 50 best foods in 2011” which discussed the food history and how there are now three different but flavorful variations of this popular dish was very informative reading.

Banerji, Urvija. “How Intermarriage Created One of the World’s Most Delicious Foods.Atlas Obscura. Site Founders: Joshua Foer and Dylan Thuras, 08 Jan. 2016. Web. 19 Feb. 2016.

There was also another post from that same website to an article about the guy who accidentally invented the American hardshell taco.

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Since the United States and Cuba are trying to improve relations and put 50 years of poor foreign affairs behind them and at the same time, we’re having a “bee crisis” — i.e. use of pesticides resulting in declining bee population in other parts of the world; I was curious to know what this was all about. Cuba’s organic bee industry is pesticide-free. Noteworthy quote: “Cuban honey producers believe they could be on the verge of a lucrative era.”

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It’s raining fish in Ethiopia! Now here’s something you don’t read about every day. They can’t seem the solve the mystery of why this occurred but the more important question is: “Would you eat fish that fell from the sky?” Especially if your country was suffering from a drought and a food shortage. (Not sure this report is from a reliable source. But it could be used in a movie script!)

Seaburn, Paul. Two-Headed Calf Born in China and Fish Rain Down in Ethiopia.Mysterious Universe. 8th Kind Pty Ltd, 17 Feb. 2016. Web. 19 Feb. 2016.

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Final link-share. Who doesn’t love butterflies and want to save them?

Breyer, Melissa. How to Make Money by Saving Monarch Butterflies.TreeHugger. Narrative Content Group, 18 Feb. 2016. Web. 19 Feb. 2016.

  • Originally published at blogjob.com on February 19, 2016.